Hello,   I am Derick Muyanja grew up from small town of Mityana District and studied in a simple school called Avema secondary school and this is where I found a soulful person who have almost transformed my life into a responsible person. After completing my O’level studies I was confused of where am going to start my life after school because I had no job. I did everything within my reach to get a job but it was all in vain, by then I had lost hope   because I had no money for survival, As i was still planning of what to do next this is the time I meet Mr. Noah Kirigwajjo a Novus Terra director who was ounce my computer teacher in secondary he took me to his home and from then I start living with him and Novus terra taught me how to design websites   at a no cost and he provides me with everything that I needed Novus terra gave me a skill that has changed my life, after a will Novus terra made me junior programmer and now I have a job as I design different types of websites